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Asphalt Laying/Paving

Total Asphalt has the required equipment and the personnel with the experience to lay asphalt to compaction specifications that is compliant with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPEWA) and Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA).

We have the capability to lay up to 300 tonne of asphalt per day depending on the configuration of the job. Certificates for compaction and samples can be provided if requested.

Mastering the Art of Asphalt Laying: A Comprehensive Guide

ASPHALT, a versatile and durable material, is a staple in modern construction for roadways, parking lots, and various other applications. Achieving a smooth, long-lasting asphalt surface requires a meticulous and well-executed asphalt laying process. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the technical aspects of asphalt laying, covering everything from preparation to finishing touches, including the crucial consideration of Total Asphalt, a prominent company based in the Goldfields Region of Western Australia, and adherence to Australian Standards in conjunction with Main Roads WA (MRWA) standards.

Subgrade Preparation:

Before laying asphalt, it is crucial to prepare the subgrade adequately. This involves removing any existing pavement, debris, and unstable soil. The subgrade should be compacted to achieve the desired density, ensuring a stable foundation for the asphalt layer. AS 3798, combined with MRWA specifications, provides guidelines for subgrade preparation. Total Asphalt, a Goldfields-based company, diligently follows these standards to ensure compliance and quality.

Aggregate Base Installation:

Next, a layer of aggregate base material is laid and compacted over the subgrade. This serves as a load-bearing foundation for the asphalt. The thickness and type of aggregate base depend on factors such as traffic load and soil conditions. AS 2150, along with MRWA specifications, outlines the specifications for granular materials used in road construction. Total Asphalt ensures quality aggregate base installation in line with these standards.

Asphalt Mix Design:

The selection of the right asphalt mix is a critical step in the laying process. AS 2150.2, complemented by MRWA requirements, provides guidelines for asphalt mix design, ensuring compliance with local specifications. Total Asphalt, a reputable company in the Goldfields Region, tailors the mix design to meet specific project requirements while adhering to these standards.

Asphalt Paving Equipment:

State-of-the-art paving equipment plays a pivotal role in achieving a high-quality asphalt surface. AS 2749, along with MRWA guidelines, outlines the requirements for asphalt paving equipment. Total Asphalt utilizes equipment that meets both safety and performance standards to ensure the success of the asphalt laying process in accordance with these standards.

Compaction Techniques:

Proper compaction is crucial to the performance of the asphalt surface. AS 2150.3, in conjunction with MRWA specifications, provides guidelines for compaction of asphalt mixes. Total Asphalt follows these standards to ensure uniform compaction and a durable asphalt layer suitable for the Goldfields Region.

Joint Construction and Surface Finishing:

Creating well-designed joints is essential for controlling cracking in the asphalt surface. AS 2150.4, complemented by MRWA requirements, provides specifications for joint construction and finishing techniques. Total Asphalt ensures proper design and execution to prevent common asphalt issues in line with these standards.

Quality Control and Testing:

Throughout the asphalt laying process, rigorous quality control measures and testing should be implemented. AS 1141, AS 2891.2, and MRWA testing guidelines provide a comprehensive approach. Total Asphalt, as an industry-leading company, adheres to these standards to ensure the quality and integrity of the asphalt surface in the Goldfields Region.

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