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Bitumen Surfacing/Spraying

Total Asphalt can spray emulsion and hot bitumen for a single and two (2) coat seal. A single coat seal refers to a single pass over a surface with either Emulsion or Bitumen and spreading a one size aggregate/stone (7, 10 or 14mm) onto product.

A two coat seal refers to two (2) passes over a surface with Emulsion or Bitumen and spreading two separate sizes of aggregate/stone onto product. Total Asphalt has personnel who have up to 30 years of combined experience to ensure spray applications are compliant with Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPEWA) and Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) specifications.

Certificates for product and/or application rates can be provided if requested.

Unveiling the Craft of Bitumen Surfacing

BITUMEN, a resilient and adaptable material, is a cornerstone in the world of road construction, offering durability and flexibility. The process of bitumen surfacing is an intricate art that demands precision and adherence to established standards. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the technical nuances of bitumen surfacing, drawing insights from the expertise of Total Asphalt, a leading company based in the Goldfields Region of Western Australia. Our journey will be guided by the principles set forth in Australian Standards, with a particular focus on the stringent guidelines outlined by Main Roads WA (MRWA).

Substrate Preparation:
The foundation of any successful bitumen surfacing project lies in meticulous substrate preparation. Total Asphalt, drawing from the gold standard of [AS 3798], ensures that the substrate is diligently prepared. This involves clearing the area of any debris, ensuring a stable subgrade, and meeting MRWA specifications for substrate condition. The Goldfields-based company takes pride in implementing these standards to guarantee the longevity and stability of the bitumen surface.

Bitumen Mix Design:
The heart of bitumen surfacing is the mix design. Just as in asphalt laying, the selection of the right bitumen mix is paramount. Referring to [AS 2150.2] and complementing it with MRWA requirements, Total Asphalt tailors the bitumen mix to meet project-specific needs. This ensures not only compliance with industry standards but also the creation of a bespoke solution that aligns with the demands of the Goldfields Region.

Paving Equipment and Techniques:
State-of-the-art paving equipment and techniques play a pivotal role in achieving a flawless bitumen surface. Drawing guidance from [AS 2749] and MRWA guidelines, Total Asphalt employs equipment that adheres to safety and performance standards. The company’s commitment to excellence ensures that the bitumen surfacing process is executed with precision, meeting the rigorous demands of the Australian Standards and the local region.

Compaction and Surface Finishing:
The compaction of bitumen surfaces is critical to ensuring durability and uniformity. Adhering to [AS 2150.3] and MRWA specifications, Total Asphalt employs compaction techniques that guarantee optimal density. Furthermore, the company pays meticulous attention to surface finishing, preventing common issues through adherence to [AS 2150.4]. This dedication to quality craftsmanship sets the stage for a bitumen surface that stands the test of time.

Joint Construction and Quality Control:
Proper joint construction is integral to preventing cracking and ensuring a seamless bitumen surface. Total Asphalt, guided by [AS 2150.4] and MRWA requirements, implements joint construction techniques that enhance the overall integrity of the surface. Throughout the process, rigorous quality control measures, aligned with [AS 1141], [AS 2891.2], and MRWA testing guidelines, are instituted. Total Asphalt’s commitment to quality is underscored by these standards, assuring clients of a reliable and resilient bitumen surface.

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