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Bitumen Emulsion

What is Emulsion?

Today the main use of bitumen emulsion is in the road making industry for construction and maintenance. Bitumen emulsions are a dispersion of bitumen in an aqueous continuous phase, stabilised by the addition of an emulsifier. They are prepared as emulsions at high temperatures, but applied as solid dispersions at ambient temperatures. In road making, bituminous products are typically applied with mineral aggregate/stone. The strong adhesion that occurs between the bitumen emulsion and mineral aggregate/stone enables the bitumen emulsion to act as a binder, with the mineral aggregate/stone providing mechanical strength for the road.

Bitumen alone is difficult to work with, at ambient temperatures since it is a highly viscous material under these conditions. It can, however be transformed into a workable state by blending with petroleum solvents or by emulsification with a surfactant in water to form a bitumen emulsion. Emulsified bitumen acts as a key tool in road maintenance and construction technology as it combines amazing versatility while offering multiple comparative advantages.

Types of Grades:
As Per IS 8887:2004, We manufacture 5 grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. They are:

  • Rapid Setting (RS-1): It is Recommended for tack coat applications
  • Rapid Setting (RS-2): It is recommended for surface dressing, grouting
  • Medium Setting (MS): It is used for repair work/ surface dressing/ penetration macadam
  • Slow Setting (SS-1): It is used for Prime Coat. Crack sealing and fog seal.
  • Slow Setting (SS-2): It is used for slurry seal, road mixes and for prime coat applications.

Advantages of Bitumen Emulsion:

  • It can be used in damp environment on wet aggregates.
  • Road repair work can be carried out in minimum time.
  • Provides better tack coat with better workable conditions.
  • It can be used in any season, and between temperatures of 8 and 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Since heating to high temperatures is not required it has less impact on environment.
    Long storage stability in clean containers/Tanks.
    Flexibility on viscosities for different applications.

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